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First Call Team: Nurse Staffing Agency

“Communication by Design was instrumental in our branding and helped us differentiate ourselves in an extremely competitive market. She started with our mission statement, …
“Jan and I have worked together for close to 20 years, and she has added value to each of the healthcare companies I’ve founded and operated during that time. 

“She is a creative and resourceful consultant, attuned to both the “big picture” and has an eye for the details. I like the fact that she is a team player and takes ownership of outcomes/results.”

– David W. Nations, President
American Institute for Medical Professionals (AIMP)

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Our Mission

First Call Team’s mission is to supply skilled and compassionate medical professionals to healthcare providers, thereby fostering the well-being of their patients, and to provide basic health services to corporate employers, thus promoting the health of their employees and the economic vitality of the communities in which we operate.

… but it wasn’t the run-of-the-mill mission, vision, philosophy you see everywhere. She came up with the idea of “corporate commitments” to the different constituencies we served—nurse employees, clients (healthcare providers), patients, investors, and so on.”

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Branding Deliverables

“On the marketing front, I can’t think of a think of a single campaign or program that Communication by Design didn’t touch. They designed our logo, stationery, even the forms we used in our day-to-day operations.

“Jan organized and wrote our Web site content, brochures, direct mail, radio advertising — she even wrote telemarketing scripts!”

“Jan has always added value, as opposed to taking it. She brings a broad knowledge of communication in a variety of venues, insightful questions, good humor, and a commitment to getting results.” 

– David W. Nations, President
American Institute for Medical Professionals (AIMP)

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Soon after selling First Call Team to one of the largest nurse staffing agencies in the nation, Dave Nations founded The American Institute for Medical Professionals. He continues to address the shortage of working nurses and other healthcare professionals in the U.S.