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Solutia’s Vydyne site was created as a lead generation and sales support site. It was first developed to market in North America and China.

Just four months after launch, the site was already extremely successful. Compared to the old site, it:

  • Produced 97% more unique visitors
  • Generated more than 30% more visitors for China and Germany
  • Increased conversion ratio by 700%

These improvement statistics were calculated prior to any additional search engine optimization or marketing. Data source: ePlus Marketing

Content Development

The introduction of Vydyne into the Chinese market required careful, strategic planning. Savvy Internet marketing was vital.

Accordingly, Solutia hired ePlus Marketing to develop an entirely new Vydyne site, and ePlus Marketing hired Communication by Design (CbD) to develop content for the new site.

Working from drafts provided by Vydyne chemists and engineers, CbD organized and either rewrote or edited all raw content for the site. You can see a before-and-after content comparison.

Chinese Translation

Knowing that the text would be translated immediately into Chinese, to expedite translation and minimize ambiguity, CbD’s content developer Jan Niehaus constructed sentences and chose words carefully—a particularly thorny challenge with technical content!

White Paper

Once the essential content was finalized, Vydyne requested CbD’s help re-organizing and editing whitepapers, including one written by one of their top applications development specialists. You can compare the before-and-after versions of the white paper.


SK Capital Partners, a private investment firm, acquired Vydyne from Solutia in mid-2009 and established a new company Ascend, which today operates what was previously Solutia’s nylon business.

Many of Ascend’s current website pages contain verbatim copy provided by CbD.