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It’s All about You

The “by design” part of our name—Communication by Design—means something. It means that our work with you is original, targeted to your specific communications objectives, strategic and, above all, effective.

“By design” means that your needs come first:

  • Your communications and brand objectives
  • The underlying business goals
  • Your message
  • Your audience and, of course
  • Your schedule and budget

Communications that are are designed with your unique goals in mind are neither predictable nor trendy, neither formulaic nor random.

Because of Communication by Design’s (CbD) sharp, clear focus on you, your marketing  communications are exactly what you need, in both content and conveyance.

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Building Your Success

The core communication elements—the content of your message, your audience, the medium, and required impact—are CbD’s drivers as we work with you to create original and compelling communications that meet your communications objectives and achieve your larger, driving business goals.

We work with you to define and refine your message: the essential elements, the implications, and all the subtle nuances.

We capture your voice and use your vocabulary.

You speak with conviction and clarity.


An accurate and complete understanding of your target audience is critical. Together, we identify their likes and dislikes, fears and motivations. We isolate the words, images, textures, sounds, and actions that will capture and hold their attention

You connect with your target audience and persuade them to think, feel, and act as your objective requires.


Some media are more effective than others at achieving certain kinds of objectives.

Within your budget and schedule, your critical message is carefully crafted for delivery via the Internet, mobile technologies, print, video, audio, multimedia, and/or broadcast media.


Because of our steadfast focus on your brand and objectives, your marketing campaign, program, and materials grab and engage your target audience.

You convince them that answering your call to action is exactly what they must do.


Your marketing message is irresistible. Your success is assured.