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Since wages consume 67% of an operating budget, on average, and as much as 85% in some industries, you need competent and committed employees.

And when your success depends on the performance of your dealers or distributors, then your campaign for competence must move beyond your corporate boundaries.

Training Builds Competency & Capacity
Training and development programs are often the most efficient and effective way to:

  • Improve the productivity of your employees and channel partners
  • Equip them to reach their full performance potential
  • Empower them to meet your organization’s goals

What are your current performance challenges?

Custom e-Learning Curriculum

Training Aligns Performance with Brand

Every training program affords you an opportunity to develop brand ambassadors for your company.

Simply by answering trainees’ fair and predictable question “Why do we need to know this?” you clarify the connections between their performance and your company’s goals.

And in this economy, every causal link you establish between training, employee performance, and corporate goals strengthens your business case for training investment.

Communication by Design (CbD) brings this bottom-line sensibility to our training engagements, as we help you weave your brand message into your training content.

The results: Your trainees understand the impact of their performance, and management respects your solid business case for training investment.

How can CbD help you train and motivate your people to deliver on your brand promise, turning them into brand ambassadors for your company?

Turnkey Training Solutions
From needs analysis through impact evaluation, Communication by Design is your full-service training partner, helping you build the competencies and capacity your operation demands.